X Server on my HP Veer running firefox (under debian chroot)  
12.8.11, 13:31 - Linux
Finaly i found the time to follow the instructions and installed dtzwill's Xserver and Xterm and a debian system on my Veer.

What is this X thing?
to desribe it best imagine this as the standard graphical output under linux. so every graphical programm under linux should work (including openoffice, gimp and firefox, etc.

but webos is not debian, or?
well, no. but you can chroot to a debian image

what is chroot?
imagine this as a sandbox, where you can play at, without touching the surrounding garden.

Isnt the display too small on a cellphone to use firefox and openoffice?
yes, indeed ;-) but you know why dogs lick their genitals? because they can !

If you want to give it a try on your own, install Xecutah on preware, and follow this instruction

and i did some pics also ... klick on "Read more" !!!


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