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21.4.09, 13:43 - Linux

ohne von den großen nachrichtenseiten der amigascene erwähnt zu werden ist ixemul.library nach 5 jahren von V49 auf version 50 geupdated worden
http://amiga.sourceforge.net/ meldet entsprechendes:

Bernd Roesch has made it possible... There is a new ixemul.library for AmigaOS 3.x systems, based on the MorphOS's 49.26 sources. Thanks a lot to Bernd by bringing us this new version and the MorphOS Team as well by its previous work maintaining ixemul.

Originally created in 1991/1992 by Markus Wild, the ixemul.library has become the driving force behind the Geek Gadgets project.

Essentially it is a BSD Unix kernel running under the Amiga OS. The code for handling Unix signals is taken almost verbatim from the BSD kernelsources, for example. Multitasking and file I/O is, of course, passed onto the Amiga OS. Because the library resembles BSD Unix so closely, it has made it possible to port almost all Unix programs.

However, because of the conformance to BSD, the library is not too conservative with resources or overly concerned with Amiga standards. Forexample, command line expansion uses Unix semantics and doesn't useReadArgs(). The purpose of ixemul.library is to emulate Unix as well as istechnically possible. So given a choice between Amiga behavior or Unix behavior, the last one is chosen. Read all about ixemul from this link.

If you're compiling certain program and found that it needs some function(s) missing from ixemul feel free to report it to us, or what it'll be better join us and help improving further ixemul versions! Any feedback is greatly welcome as well.


na denn man prost. das spornt mich an meinen 2000er wieder mal anzuschmeissen.



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