Buttonpanel for Elite Dangerous 
11.12.16, 17:45 - Elite Dangerous
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What I was missing in my Elite:Dangerous setup were some important buttons. My Thrustmaster simply doesn't offer enough of them.
I've tried powergrid, a Smartphone app, that gives you more buttons (Basically a virtual keyboard with a lot of other cool features, btw.), but my cellphone is not that large and the virtual buttons just don't feel right ...

Last week I found an old controlpanel in the trash, perfect for some extra Buttons:
I heard of a electronic switching offered on Ebay called "Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder"
--- A PCB that turns anything into an joystick ... for just 7 € including the cables and Pollin offeres the Buttons for 6 €.
No Soldering was required, the USB encoder had the fitting connections.
My dads old Labeler gave the correct retro optic, hehe.

Beautiful, isn't it:

Beauty of E:D 
22.4.15, 21:20 - Elite Dangerous
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Elite Dangerous 1.2 Wings update 
15.3.15, 22:07 - Elite Dangerous
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Elite hat eine großes Update erhalten:
zum einen wurde das Fliegen im Team verbessert, inklusive Chatfunktion und dem Erlebnis des "gemeinsamen Fluges" zwischen Sternen und Planeten,
zum anderen wurde die Aussenansichtkamera freigeschaltet, mit der man sein Schiff und das All nun endlich auch von alles Seiten betrachten und ablichten kann.

Das macht richtig Feetz. Endlich mit den anderen Spielern chatten und kurz mal auf Bountyjagt gehen.

Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen ein neues Schiffchen anzuschaffen, einen billigen Lastesel um ein paar Credits in die Kriegskasse zu spülen.
Schaut her:

Hier ist der offizielle Trailer: weiterlesen ...
Companion Apps for Elite:Dangerous 
26.1.15, 08:37 - Elite Dangerous
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I've seen this App called Elite:Dangerous in the App store of my hated apple phone... what shall I say: it is broken :( The login does not work at all. A complete waste of time!
But I've also seen a video from a guy controlling his ships speed with his Android tablet.
How is this done? The answer is "Power Grid" It's a (free) application for your tablet / smartphone, that presses keys (and a lot more) on your PC. Very intuitive, good looking. working!
Sometimes you need to change the predefined keys, as you changed them in your Elite game direkt... so the submitted key by your phone has to be "fitting" (for example communication is set on Key '2' in my Elite game, a predefined grid suggestes 'c').

A first attempt to build something similar with my (rreeeaaaaally old) Palm III failed, as E:D only accepts keypresses through directinput, not over a little C program converting the serial COM1 line to keypressings (which, btw, workes with all other desktop programs ;) )

But (!) I still use my Palm to present GALNET News ...
Right now the Palm is connected to LCDsmartie, showing a RSS feed from Galnet news site (Tip: use http://feed43.com/ to create the feed ( http://feed43.com/galnet_news_feed.xml ), use LCDsmartie and PalmOrb to show the feed on the Palm IIIc)

and live with a 4x20 emulated display on the Palm IIIc :

I think its time to think about buying a cheap 50€ android tab, just for this purpose ...

have fun
die schönheit von elite:dangerous  
29.12.14, 08:30 - Elite Dangerous
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je weiter ich in die milchstraße vordringe desto häufiger sehe ich atemberaubende planeten, ringe um planeten, schattenspiel, etc... ich würde am liebsten alle irgendwo hochladen und schreibe: seht mal - so schön ist es da draußen. aber es gibt unglaublich viele elite spieler, und alle haben den selbsen eindruck :)
hier mal eine kleine auswahl ;)

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