brandnew C64 game "soulless" review 
23.6.12, 18:10 - retro & C64
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i've made some pictures of unboxing soulless, if you want you can take a closer look at my g+ account (link at the bottom or here )

the game is of middle to hard difficulty, especially jumping is tricky (and thus jumping is the major part of the game ....). thats my only point of critique, other than Andy

The gameplay reminds of "impossible mission": you have to move your character around rooms in a labyrinth and search the inside for parts of a puzzle. the artwork is of course totally different. the story is placed in a mistery/fantasy world rather than a futuristic underground cave system (a bit like in antiraid).

a lot of gimmicks are in the box: stickers, a CDROM with bonus material like maps an an interview with the authors,, the disk / tape / crt images and so on...) The Cartridge is violett (!) which glows when plugged in, another point for atmosphere. All Parts are professionally produced with high quality printings.

I still need to get better and find more time for training. Btw: at every single start the puzzle tiles are hidden somewhere else, which makes the game playable even after the first run.

Amazing to get a high quality c64 game for a computer after such a long time.
All in all:
90 / 100 %


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