Buttonpanel for Elite Dangerous 
11.12.16, 17:45 - Elite Dangerous
What I was missing in my Elite:Dangerous setup were some important buttons. My Thrustmaster simply doesn't offer enough of them.
I've tried powergrid, a Smartphone app, that gives you more buttons (Basically a virtual keyboard with a lot of other cool features, btw.), but my cellphone is not that large and the virtual buttons just don't feel right ...

Last week I found an old controlpanel in the trash, perfect for some extra Buttons:
I heard of a electronic switching offered on Ebay called "Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder"
--- A PCB that turns anything into an joystick ... for just 7 € including the cables and Pollin offeres the Buttons for 6 €.
No Soldering was required, the USB encoder had the fitting connections.
My dads old Labeler gave the correct retro optic, hehe.

Beautiful, isn't it:



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