Asteroid Arcade finished!... 
21.3.12, 16:03 - retro & C64
I cant believe it. 1 year after getting the chunks of an old "sports bet terminal" I finished my personal Mame Project.

I can't exactly tell how much time and money was wasted, but its worth every cent. Good Sound, good Speakers, a quality display, coin detection (20ct.) and even a release button for the coin checker, Stickers to make it look like an arcade machine (thanks HFCOMA), a p4 mini computer running mame, and lots of smaller non visible details.

Thanky to my employees for giving me a hand from time to time, thanks for the inspiration and some advice, thanks to creators of the ipac2VE, ( ) and most to my friend karl, for spending the outdated terminal.

Wohooooo. and now lets play
klick on read more to have more pics


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